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High PR DoFollow Forums List 2014 to Increase Backlinks

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Top DoFollow Forum List 2014 Generate High Quality Backlinks
Today, am Talk About to Get a DoFollow Backlinks From Forums. SEO is Changing day by day So, Take a Serious Look to Generate High Quality Backlinks and the Question arise in mind "HOW ?", Google Loves that Backlinks that Naturally Generated by any Site or Forum. If You will Buy Backlinks So It is Detected by Google Because Google is Intellegent than You. So Don't Buy Backlinks, Build Organic that 100% Help You to Lift Your Website on TOP of the Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Results.

Everybody want a more and more Traffic on his Website So Try DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites also It will also Increase Your Visibility in Search Results and Gain Organic Traffic From Search Engine.

There is No need to Use 50 or 500 Sites to Generate Backlink because it is Impossible to Use all of them, In these Some of need Registration First So I Recommended to Use 10-15 Dofollow Forums and Spend almost 10 Minutes on these Below Forums and You will Get the SUCCESS !

TOP 10 High Page Rank DoFollow Forum List 2014 Latest

  Forums List                                             Page Rank                  Alexa Rank

Joomla Forum                                                   8                             429
Chronicle Forum                                               8                             10,252
Web Hosting Forum                                         7                             1,568
CKEditor's Forum                                             7                             7,219
BBS Press                                                           7                             12,071
CNet Forum                                                       7                             99
MySQL Forum                                                  6                             965
Forums SBA                                                      6                             4,580
Digital Point Forum                                          5                             842
Web Hosting Talk                                             5                             885

These are the Best Dofollow Forums to get Link Juice From High PR Dollow Forums So Register in these forums and enter your website as your blog URL and Stay Active on Forum 10-15 Minutes. Comment the answers if You Know Better and This will help you to gain more Visibility in Popular Search Engines.

If You Don't Know About How to Use these Forums to Gain Backlinks So Read 10 Ways to Drive Traffic From Forums [Shout Me Loud]. 

FIX : Monetize Two YouTube Channel with One Adsense Account

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Every Adsense Publisher Want to Earn a Serious Cash with his Website and Youtube Videos. Some of Publishers Has Two YouTube Account to Generate More Money So there is a Problem Because According to Adsense Policy One Publisher Can't Make Two Adsense Account with Same Address. (Don't Try Adsense Permanently Banned Your Address). So there is Problem arise So Now am Gonna Give You a Solution to Add Two YouTube Channels on Single AdSense.

 Can I Use Two YouTube Account with One Adsense Account ? YES !

How to Add Two YouTube Account with One Adsense Account ?
Absolutely YES Guys, You can Use Two YouTube Channels with One Adsense. In This Tutorial am Teach You Step by Step To Add Second YouTube Account with Already Existing Adsense Account. Lets Start Now

Go to YouTube and Login Your Account. Click on Your Small Square Image Choose Subscription in Drop Down Menu Like Below Picture.
How to add Two Youtube Accounts with One Adsense Account ?
Now YouTube will Open Account Page Where You See additional Feature Below and Click on 'View Additional Feature' Now this Page is the Main Page on Where We Work. 
Steps to Add Two Youtube Account with One Adsense Account
Click on View Monetization Setting Where You See the Six Question Below Now Click on "How Will i be Paid ?" It Expand in Two Line Where You find the Associatean Adsense Account Click on It.
Click on NEXT
Now Time to Select the Existing Adsense Account.
Use Already Existing Adsense Email Address
Now You See the Screen like Above Shown Select 'Use a Different or new Google Account' rather that Click on Same Google Account that You Associate with Youtube. 
On the Next Step It Will Ask You that Google Account that is Already Associated with Adsense Enter Email & Password Hit Enter and It Will Redirted Where They Said You want to Show ads on YouTube URL and Click NEXT and Then on Next Click Accept Association.
Now It Will Successfully Associated with Your Already Existing Adsense Easily Now Google Gives You the Successfully Monetization Meassage Like this
Successfully Monetized
Click Next and Sign in You Previous Google Account. Now the Process is Finish


Guys There is No Problem to Associate Two or More YouTube Channels with One Google Adsense Account It is not Against the Adsense Policy So You can Freely Add Two Youtube Account with Single Adsense. If You have any Problem in this Tutorial so Please Comment Below We Will Solve Your Problem as Soon as Possible.

How to Make Massive Money Through Youtube Partner Program ?

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Making Money From Youtube Channel is a Very Fast Way To Generate Money Online. Yeah This Line is Too Old But I Clear Your Doubt that this Line is 101 % True. You Also Heard about to Make Money with Youtube or Uploading Videos that is Damn True. According to Me If You are a Good Video Creator and Editor You Can Make Money Easily with Youtube. Youtube Offers People to Sign Up in Google Adsense Through Youtube Partner Program.  Adsense is also Referred as Money Making Machine by Some of People Who Knows it Better.

Why Youtube is a Best Way to Generate Massive Income ?

How to make money with Youtube Videos. Upload Videos on Youtube and Make a Big Money
Question Aries in all of Your Mind is Why I Prefer Youtube First to Make Money so Listen Carefully. Upload Videos on Youtube is Very Simple Just You make Very Unique Video in any Field You Interested and Upload on Youtube. Definitely Your Video is Viewed and You Got Paid But never Stop Make More Video Like Funny Video, Songs Videos or make Videos on Some Other Stuffs and You have More Views and Subscribers and Your Youtube ads is Hit by Millions People and You Got Paid. It is 100% Tested Method.

Example :

Live Example of Making Millions by Uploading Videos on Youtube is Joseph Garrett Who Make Massive Money with his Youtube Channel. He Has More Viewers than One Direction and Justin Bieber. 

How to SignUp with Youtube Partner Program ?

Go to Youtube Homepage Now Login in Your Youtube Account and then Go to Youtube Settings Like Picture Show Below.
Youtube Seetings Option - Make Money with Youtube
Now After Click on Youtube Setting On the Next Page You can See the "View Additional Option" Click on Option and Youtube Features page will Open That is Like.
Youtube Monetization Option
Now Click on "Momentize Videos" and Next You will be Able to Show Ads on Your Youtube Videos. If any Problem So Go To Official Youtube Monetization Page.

If You Already Have Adsense Account So Don't Worry Your Youtube Account is Easily Conneted with it Else You Make a New Google Adsense Account.

4 Killer Way to Decrease Alexa Rank Rapidally

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Our Today's Agenda is to Decrease Alexa Rank. First i Talk About What is Alexa Rank ? Basically in Simple Language Alexa is a Company that Cover Web Infromation and Traffic Data of Websites Over the Internet and Give the Rank to Every Website According to Site Performance & Behaviour of Website. Now Millions of Websites Use Alexa Rank Widget to See the Site Stat and Behavious of Site. Alexa was Founded by Brewster Kahle, Bruce Gilliant in 1996 (by Alexa is Used by SEO's and Webmasters to See the Ranking of Sites and Easily Compare Two Sites ranking Easily. Get Low Alexa rank not an Difficult Work But Alexa Gave Lower Rank of those Websites Who Post High Quality Content Whatever They Write 2 or 5 Posts.
So in this Article i can Show You How to Decrease Your Alexa Rank by Writting One Article or More in Week ? Sounds Good Yes Its True We Not Write Posts Daily But We Post High Quality Content So we Get Lower Ranking than Others.

Decrease Alexa Rank Very Fast, How to Decrease Alexa Rank, 4 Killer Way to Decrease Alexa Rank Rapidally.
These are the 4 Powerfull Way to Decrease Alexa Rank.

Verify Your Site :  
Firstly You need to Verify Your Site From Alexa. Sign Up in Alexa and Alexa Give You a Code that You Paste in Head Section and Your Site Will Verify. Alexa Give a Better Ranking to those Websites Who have Verified Sites From Alexa. Now You see that Millions of Websites is verified by Alexa and Alexa is a Gaint in the websites ranking, So Every One Makes Image in the Eye of Alexa to Score a Good Ranking.

Promote Your Post :
When am new in Blogging, I Daily Publish Article on my Blogs and Just Sit Back to See the Traffic. I Recieve Very Low Traffic and then i Read Somewhere on Internet that it is Important to Post a Article but Most Important is to promote Your Post. When You Share Your Article in Social Media or Other Sites So Google Will See that Whose Site is Crawled day by day So Google Lift Your Content. If Your Content has Low Quality So in 2-3 Day Your Post is Going Down in Google Search Results.

Alexa Rank Widget :
We all Know that am talken About Alexa Rank Widget is Now used to see the Site Stat and Ranking Behaviour. Every Website Owner Use Alexa Rank Widget to Show a Ranking to Visitor and More Visitors Get Attracted by Alexa Ranking. When You Use Alexa Rank Widget You Provide a Backlink to Alexa and Noticed in the Eye of Alexa and Alexa Gives You a Better Ranking

Building Backlinks :
Oh Yeah ! Building Baclinks is a Very Trendy Word Used By SEO's and Webmasters. Building Backling is a Process Where Sites Refer Your Site Links and Clicked More Frequently and Permanent Fixed Link Converted into Backlinks. So When You have More High Quality Backlinks Alexa Give You a More Better Ranking. In SEO Building Backlinks is Very Important to Lift You Site and Make a Good Reputation of Your Site.

Additional Methods :
There are Other Way to Get Better Alexa Ranking Such as Using Alexa Toolbar, Write Article on Fixed Time, Deliver High Quality Content. Improve Your Site Performance, Use SEO Tools and Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites 

Also Read : TOP 8 Best SEO Tools Recommended by SEO Experts and Webmasters

Conclusion :  
Get Better Alexa Ranking is Very Important Because It Improves Your Site Reputation in the Eyes of Search Engines. We Provide always Tested Tactics that Really Works So Once Try Our Method You Definitely Get Better Ranking. If You have Some Queries and Problem in Your Mind So Please Comment Below We Will Give The Suitable Solution to Your Problems.

Top 8 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers : Recommended By SEO Experts

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In the Post i Explain the World's Number 1 Top 8 Best SEO Tools For  Bloggers and Websites Owners
We Know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Become the Most Important Part of any Website or Blog. If You Have No Experience in SEO so You can't Grow Your Website Up. Learning the Basics of SEO is Very Simple and the Go Jump On Pro SEO. In the World of SEO there are Many Websites that Provides SEO Tools to Optimize Your Website and Lift up in Google Search Results. On Ten X Blogger we always Post on SEO, SEO Tools and Template Optimization like that Stuffs Which Increase your Website Ranking. Webmasters and Websites Owner Who Know About SEO Better, Can Drive Massive Traffic in a Day with the Help of SEO. I Always Research on SEO So I Found that Many of Webmasters Use Some of Common SEO Tools. So I make a Artcle Where i Show the TOP 8 SEO Tools Which Webmasters Use.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

Number 1 SEO Tools in 2014 Google Webmaster Tools
Google is Now Very Trusted Name and Cover the Most Important Part of SEO. Google Webmaster Tools Allows Bloggers and Websites Owner to Check the Bounce rate of Traffic with Impressions and Click. The Most Important it Allow to Submit Your Sitemap Which Include Your Whole Websites Link Which is Crawled by Search Engine and Show Your Site Results in Google. You can Also See Search Queries, Traffic and See Country Where You Receive Traffic. Check that Your Link is Autually Submitted and Index that They Provide an Option of Crawl Index Where you Check that Search Engine Really Index Your Links or Not.

2. Google Analytics

In SEO it is Very Important to Track Your Visitor that What They Need and Provide According to it. The Gaint Google Offers one More Tols to Optimize SEO. Google Analytics is a Powerful Tool that Show You Realtime Statistics. It Show You the Returing Visitor $ New Visitor at Dashboard. With the Help of Google Analytics You can See Your Website Behaviour, Visitor Flow. One Important Thing that You can Also Connect Your Analytics Account to Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is Needed When You Target Your Traffic with Eagle Eye. Webmasters Use Keyword Planner Tools to Check What People Hit Search Keyword on Google. Google Keyword Planner Choose Very Commonly Searching Keyword and Show to Webmasters. A Single Change in Keyword may Increase Your Traffic. So on the Web Webmasters See Every Bit of SEO So they Organize Keyword, Template, Meta Tags and More. Keyword Research is Very Boring But it may Change Your Visitor Flow.

4. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is SEO Tool Allow User to Submit Sitemap and Provide Features Similar to Google Webmaster Tools But We Discuss About Bing Webmaster Tools Because they many People Who Still Use Bing Search Engine So Everyone Want More and More Traffic so Use All Search Engine to Drive a Traffic. According to me Bing has Less Feature that Google But it can also Receive Great Traffic.

5. Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster Tools is SEO Tool By Yandex Search Engine. Yandex is an Russian Search Engine and Develop a Numers of Internet Based Services like Yandex Mail, Yandex News Like Google. It can Earn 20 Billions $ a Year. Yandex Ranked 4th Best Search Engine in the World so Webmasters Recommend to Use all Types of Webmaster Tools Provided by Search Engine. Yandex Also have Same Features like other Webmaster Tools Like Google and Bing Such as Submit Sitemap etc.

6. Baidu Webmaster Tools

I Never Forget the Baidu Webmaster Tool Offered by Baidu Search Engine. Baidu is Number 1 Chinese Search Engine. Baidu can Stand up with Very Good Market Shares. It is alike Google, Bing and Yandex So am Discuss Here Because It is Important Part of SEO To Receive Traffic More and More. If You Increase Your Visibility in Baidu Search Results So Use Baidu Webmaster Tools.

7. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is Powerfull Site Explorer Tool Which can Explore Your Backlink, Ref Domain, Anchor Text and Your Full Stats of Your Site. Majestic SEO Tool is Used by Many of Ppular Bloggers Like Harsh Agarwal and More. When i Use Majestic SEO It can Show Refering Domain New and Lost Backlinks. Maily it is called Site Explorer Because it Show your all Site Component that Affect Your SEO Wgatever it Increases or Decreases.

8. SEO Site Checkup

When a Apply SEO On my Website So i Wondered that how do i Check SEO Applied by Me is Working or Not. So I Find the Tools on Internet Called SEO Site CheckUp Belevice me Very Good tool To Check Your Site Status. It Scans Your Meta Tags, H2 Tags and Robots.txt and Content Density. Very Awesome Tool According to Me. I Always use it.



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